Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Yamaha Lagenda 115z :::: NEW::::

In terms of design, Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR is one of the most heavily designed moped
ever from Yamaha. Simplicity is not taken into consideration here. Everything about luxury and techno-style. This may raise some concerns among riders that like to see their bike simple and functional like Honda EX-5, well then, this bike is not for you. You need to be someone who are adventurous and like to try something new. The part that is most talked about the design is the tail lamp. Some have said the Yamaha engineer has over-designed the tail lamp. It is new and it is different, but it serve a function. The tail lamp has now been increased in terms of height that makes it easily seen by the other vehicles coming from behind of the Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR. It is much higher than Yamaha 135LC tail lamp and almost with the same height as the Yamaha 125Z. Also, the side profile (when you look at the bike from the side) have a very forward stance bike that makes it look fast even though it is not moving. Young, fast and stylish is what this bike is all about.

Ride and handling of this bike is superb. The handle is very directive and follows your command. No sense of slipping over with this bike. Compared to Modenas CT110 which tends to wobble on sharp corners, this one just eat it through like it is mean to do it. It is firm and in control. What this mean is that, taking corners are now safer and the riders can feel more confident. With that in mind, the suspension feels hard and not so comfortable. I suspect this is due to the suspension that is not still in run-in condition. Anyway, this is just 0-55km review, I think the handling will get much better after the bike gets 1000km which makes the suspension a little softer and much more responsive. I’ve got bumpy feeling while riding this bike on straight line and this feeling is the same when I changed my Yamaha RX-Z front suspension to a new one, but it will disappear after a few hundred km of riding.

If you want to buy this bike, I strongly recommend you to buy this at GT Max Motor in Seksyen 25, Shah Alam. I just plonked down RM1500 for the downpayment and for 24-month loan, I just need to pay RM230. Additional RM200 is needed if you want to get first party all-rider insurance coverage. I paid mine. Also, you’ll get a free helmet (MS88 with visor or Swan helmet), free front fork lock, padlock, rain suit and a mystery gift (I got a Rossi cap) when you buy the bike there. GT Max Motor I think provide the cheapest loan available and it is actually loan provided by the shop, not by Aeon.

If you have any question about this bike, you can ask in the comment section and I’ll try to answer it. Thanks!