Sunday, February 20, 2011

All you need to know about motorcycle exhaust systems as motorcycle accessories

Motorcycle exhaust systems are motorcycle accessories that completely change the personality of the motorcycle. If you like quiet or loud there is an exhaust system out there for you. The type of pipes or exhaust you get simply depends on you and what you like.

Everyone has an opinion on how a motorcycle should sound. Some will say louder is better and some will say that loud motorcycles annoy the heck out of them.

Replacing an exhaust system has many reasons for it: rusty exhaust, the need for louder or quieter sound, reduction of weight of the overall motorcycle which by the way can reduce significantly up to 20 pounds, or just need a new look.

Motorcycle exhaust system styles: - Replacement mufflers called slip ons, simple and fast to put on - Replacement of the entire exhaust system from the heads all the way back

There are things to look out for when considering a complete motorcycle exhaust overhaul, for example: look out to make sure you don't block access to maintenance items.

How to install motorcycle exhaust systems:

When you replace a motorcycle exhaust system you have to take into consideration impact on the engine and how you will have to tune it up after exhaust replacement. If you decide to replace the exhaust system and buy aftermarket or performance type system you will most likely have a higher flow rate than your typical stock exhaust system. If your engine is already tuned to take advantage of such replacements no further changes are needed. The engine will automatically take full advantage of the new motorcycle exhaust system. However, if your engine is not tuned already then your engine will run lean and will run hot with a great possibility of causing significant damage to the engine.

If you are not sure about what your new motorcycle exhaust system will do or how it will perform simply contact the manufacturer and ask about what adjustments you will have to do on your motorcycle to ensure proper flow, example: you might have to adjust your carburator. The manufacturer might even have a special jet kit that you will have to apply.

Ok, let's get into a bit of detail on how to install your new motorcycle exhaust system, but only after you have all the information you need on what to do with fuel mixture.

Tip: If you are told to reuse parts such as gaskets, don't listen, get new ones! When you take off the old motorcycle exhaust system you might damage parts and not realize it.

Step 1:

Before you remove any parts off of your motorcycle take your new parts and hold up against the bike and visualize how everything will look together and how parts attach to each other. Get yourself familiarized with the setup first.

Step 2:

Make sure you don't need to adjust or modify your parts to fit your motorcycle. The reason is that if you purchase lower quality or cheaper parts you most likely will have to modify or adjust some parts.

Step 3:

Remove the old motorcycle exahust system. Make sure you have some type of rust penetrating spray or solution to help you take off parts that have fused together over time. If once you take off all bolts and clamps the parts still won't come off your last resort might be a torch :). fun fun!!

Step 4:

Remove any other parts that are either in the way or simply need to be removed to get access to the exhaust system itself.

Step 5:

If you have a fuel injected motorcycle you will most likely have to remove the oxygen sensor and it's wiring.

Step 6:

If you have a power valve you will have to remove it and it's accessories.

Step 7:

Now at this point you should have all the nuts and bolts off, all accessories off, and are pretty much ready do remove the old system. BE CAREFUL THE OLD MOTORCYCLE EXHAUST SYSTEM MIGHT BE HEAVIER THAN YOU THINK.

Step 8:

With everything off of your motorcycle the next step is to inspect and clean all exposed parts and accessories. Inspect for damage or exessive wear and tear.

Step 9:

Start to mount new motorcycle exhaust system on including new gaskets but DON'T TIGHTEN ANY BOLTS yet. Check for clearances and fitting on the motorcycle. Adjust as needed. This is the time to do all these tasks to ensure a proper fit and best quality installation. Take your time.

Step 10:

Now starting with from the closest to the engine work your way down to the end and tighten bolts, check for alignment, proper fitting, and quality of work. Make sure everything fits and everything is clear. Once you have the new motorcycle exhaust on reinstall all the other accessories on in the same order you took them off.

Step 11:

Adjust your carborator and fire the motorcycle up. Check for leaks. Tighten connections. Take a ride.

Guess what? YOU'RE DONE!!! All this sounds like a ton of work but it's fairly simple. Remember, take your time, double check your work, make sure you have quality parts, and you have contacted the manufacturer to ensure you have all the adjustment information on your new motorcycle exhaust system.