Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bagaimana Nak Puaskan Hati Pemilik 125z?? Lajukan motor.

What has to be modded on that bike...?
block and piston
- Original Yamaha 125zR block.
- Bored tu 57mm using DT125(enduro) RK brand piston.
- Ported and polish the block.

Engine head
- OEM header.
- Skimmed the header and polished it.

- Standard Y125z manual clutch system.
- Original Yamaha friction plate.
- GT Racing clutch springs.

- Carb Mikuni for Suzuki Panther 150. [Main jet 300, pilot 28.5]
- paired with FCCi Racing reed valve.

- Fully Standard. Even the CDi is standard.

- BM Power / YY Pang exhaust manifold

- Standard OEM front and rear suspension system.

Final drive
- Using 15/34 MCS sprocket setup with TP Racing 415 chain.

- Standard front disc brake system.
- Rear disc brake system was removed due to no use of using it.

How fast will it go ?
- 180km/h on 4th gear.
- 16sec for a kilometer.